Stationary Machines

These stationary EFCO products meet the highest standards in the processing and testing of valves and related parts:

We provide the stationary machines for grinding and lapping for the repair of the sealing valves in gates and valves. Based on both the economic and ergonomic principles, EFCO focuses on the quick set up and simpler operation. The stationary grinding machines can be utilized for the on-site workshops.

  • Grinding Bench (KS)
  • Surface Lapping Machine for Face Seals, Valve Seats, Gates, Etc. (FLM)
  • Stationary Grinding and Lapping Machine for Valves, Safety Valves, Gate Valves, Non-Return Valves and Gates (SM)
  • Stationary, CNC-Controlled Lathe (PDM)
  • Stationary, CNC-Controlled Lathe (SPM)
  • Circular Welding Machine (CW-1000)

  • MK adapters / ENT inclined tables

    Adapter and inclined tables make it possible to use EFCO grinding and lapping tools, for example on pillar drilling machines, to machine sealing faces and flanges on and in valves. Work range: DN 8-2000 mm

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